петък, 21 септември 2012 г.

Friendship between Women, is this possible?

Friendship between Women, is this possible? :-) I just want to illustrate the feelings between friends...They look like closer friends, but are they really friends? Or inside they are cold like stones...

понеделник, 10 септември 2012 г.

The Fairy Forest

 That's the Fairy Forest... I did this watercolor special for the Wedding of my closer friends Zlati and Andrey.
With this painting I want to wish them to follow their way always together and let this way be always with sunlight and happiness. The way is in the forest, because most of all they love the forest and because in the forest is always calm and save.
Because of their favorite sport - Orienteering,  I insert also one of the "special points" (at the left side of the way). The idea is to follow their important points in their common life!
I want to wish All The Best to them from the bottom of my heart!

петък, 31 август 2012 г.

Eagle and Boy

I continue with my  stories from the Alps :-) Eagle and Boy from the Alps - Dolomites die Brenta.... The eagle takes food from the Boy....

петък, 24 август 2012 г.

петък, 17 август 2012 г.

Nothing seems to be, what as it seems to be...

 I was very impressed from the story from Daphne and Apolon...That's why I decided to illustrate this story...Nothing seems to be, what as it seems to be...

понеделник, 16 юли 2012 г.